With 47 years in business, this family-owned company sticks to its roots for continued success


Bear Owen Paving started with one truck and two employees. They now have 18 employees, more than 26 vehicles and major pieces of heavy equipment, a 7,000-square-foot office building and maintenance facility, 24/7 emergency services, snow plowing and demolition.
On January 1st 1969, Thomas Owen Sr. founded Bear Owen Paving in Peckville, PA. The company started as a local residential paving contractor, with one truck and two employees. Years of dedicated workmanship allowed the company to steadily, yet conservatively, grow.

In 2003, Thomas Owen Jr. became the owner and transformed the company into what it is today; a commercial and CCR-registered federal and state concrete and asphalt paving contractor with 18 employees, more than 26 vehicles and major pieces of heavy equipment, a 7,000-square-foot office building and maintenance facility, 24/7 emergency services, snow plowing and demolition.

“Our company always had a solid knowledge base of our craft,” Owen Jr. says. “However, when my father started the business it was a modest company, mainly residential asphalt projects. The services we began with versus our services offered currently have grown and flourished in the past forty-seven years. We currently design custom asphalt paving solutions for commercial, residential and municipal projects; continually serving as the largest paving company in North Eastern Pennsylvania.”

The company completes primarily paving and sealcoating for residential, commercial, property management and government entities with snow removal and other services as needed.

Marketing Success
While Owen Jr. says the best marketing tool is still word of mouth, his company also has radio, newspaper and billboard ads along with Facebook and Twitter to showcase their work. The company also firmly believes in submitting to local and state award programs to help broaden the reach of his business.

Bear Own Paving has received awards in several local newspapers as well as readers’ choice awards for best contractor.

“The biggest compliment for our company has been receiving these awards,” Owen Jr. says. “I have been truly humbled by these awards and the business it has brought to our company.”

The company is also certified in the following areas; Fully Insured, Bonded and Licensed, S.A.M/CCR Registered Federal Contractor, Commonwealth of PA Registered Vendor, PA Dept. of Transportation approved Contractor, Department of General Services Registered Vendor, PA Attorney General’s Office Licensed Home Improvement Contractor, and New York State and NY DOT Approved Contractor

In addition to Bear Owen Paving Co., Owen Jr. founded Bear Owen Trucking in 2008.

“I feel dedication to my craft separates me from the competitors,” he says. “We do not have a 9-5 job, someday you are put in a fifteen hour shirt; you get up the next day and work harder than the day before. Dedication, honesty, and passion set us apart from the competitors.

“We have firmly solidified our position as the region’s premier paving contractor. We have five construction crews and have become eastern Pennsylvania’s largest residential paving contractor.”

In the future, Owen Jr. hopes to continue to grow his company and the business by sticking to their roots and the people who help them grow.

“The industry has grown drastically in the past few decades,” he says. “I think you have to have exceptional people skills in this field, as well as a true understanding for the company and craft. Providing post-secondary plans to young men and women in regards to the world of work and construction is a great interest of mine. Perhaps our next steps will be expanding further and educating young students to become entrepreneurs and business owners. This would be a great next challenge for Bear Owen Paving Company.